Most of us have our definitions of what it means to be successful: how much money is in our bank accounts, the amount of love we're surrounded by, or... if you have a place to land a helicopter at your house.

You know you've made it when...

Maybe we're crazy, but to us, you know you're successful when your house has a helipad. Sure, family and the number of zeroes in your bank account could determine that as well... but a helicopter landing in your front or backyard? Come on now.

Now, you may not even own a helicopter to land at your house and you might not even want one. We'd imagine the maintenance and upkeep alone would be super expensive, so we get it.

All of that being said, we found a home that is perfect for those looking for a place to land their chopper but, is also perfect for anyone wanting to be surrounded by Idaho wildlife and wilderness.

Let's take a look at this stunning and triangular-shaped beauty.

Idaho House For Sale Is Shaped Like A Triangle & Comes With Helipad

This home has a unique shape and comes with a helipad.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Having a helipad in your home is cool and all but what if you could host live concerts from the inside of your actual living room? We don't know about you but that sounds like a sign that you've made it.

But, if you need some more sugar to sweeten the deal, this house even comes with a slide that gets you from the top to the bottom.

That screams: "Luxury."

Let's take a look at the house that can be the ultimate party home.

Host A Live Concert In Your Living Room In This Idaho House For Sale

This home for sale in Idaho has everything - even a place for you to host your favorite live act in your living room...

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Here are two Idaho houses we found that cost less than the average price of a car in Idaho.

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