The movie Home Alone is a holiday classic that we all know and love. If you've never seen it before, do yourself a favor and check it out ASAP... we recommend that you have a Christmas tree in the room.

Oh! And remember to order a nice large cheese pizza just for you.

Let's get you up to speed...

In case you forgot or are unfamiliar, the movie Home Alone takes place in Chicago, Illinois. The movie starts by showing us the chaos that comes with holiday travel before showing Kevin McAllister, the main character, being forgotten about and left at home by himself - you know, as the title suggests.

While this is going on, a pair of criminals known as the "Wet Bandits", are plotting to rob a ton of houses in Kevin's neighborhood. In the climax of the movie when the bad guys get to Kevin's house, we see him take a full-on stand against the criminals including rigging the entire house with various traps.

These aren't just any traps either - these are traps designed to inflict as much pain (and embarrassment) as possible on the unfortunate soul that trips it.

What would happen if this entire movie took place in Idaho?

What if the McAllister family lived in the Treasure Valley and everyone involved in the chaos at the McAllister residence had to answer for their actions?

While it's pretty obvious that Marv and Harry (the "Wet Bandits") would most certainly be in serious trouble; what about Kevin?

How much trouble would the boy be in for taking a blowtorch to another man's head? How about the paint cans coming from the top banister? What about his BB gun?

We did some serious research and found that it isn't just Marv and Harry facing some serious penalties for their crimes... Kevin, or likely his parents, would have to face the law and deal with the consequences of his choice in "punishment."

Let's look at the Idaho laws broken in the movie Home Alone...

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