If you're one of those people always looking to make a buck, you might be interested in what Idaho Fish & Game had to announce recently.

And if you love fishing, you now have another excuse to grab your gear and go fishing!

Rewards for finding fish with orange tags

Idaho Fish & Game recently shared a neat incentive that benefits science and fishers alike.

In a recent press release from Idaho Fish & Game, they shared that fisheries biologists have attached "orange-colored 't-bar anchor tags' to various fish species throughout the state to learn more about them."

If you're out fishing and catch a fish with an orange tag, reporting it can help biologists learn more about the fish population and what areas they might be hanging out in.

This also helps them learn more about migration, "valuable information about angler catch, survival, and abundance of certain species" which in turn, leads to a better fishing experience.

"Show me the money!"

This is why we're all here, right? Idaho Fish & Game says that by catching these fish you could earn rewards in the form of money.

You'll know when you catch a fish if you're up for a reward. Idaho Fish & Game says that some of the fish they've tagged have "reward tags" that are worth $25, $50, $100, or even $200.

But don't be so quick to rip the tag off!

"Reward tags must be removed from the fish by clipping the tag with scissors or clippers and sent to our research office in Nampa. Please avoid yanking tags out of the fish," IDFG said in their press release.

If you catch one of these orange-tagged fish with a reward, mail the tag to the following address for your reward: 1414 E. Locust Lane, Nampa, ID 83686.

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