Have you ever daydreamed about packing up your things and starting fresh in a new city? Whether you're seeking adventure, a career change, or just a different view outside your window, figuring out where to land can be a hefty decision. Well, folks at Livability.com have done some of the heavy lifting for us by releasing their much-anticipated list of the Top 100 Best Places to Live in the US for 2024.

You might wonder, "How did they pick these places?" It's not like they just threw darts at a map (though that could be fun). No, the team at Livability takes this pretty seriously. They dig into the details that make a city truly livable. We're talking about affordable housing, access to healthcare, natural amenities, schools, and even the strength of the local job market. Plus, they sprinkle in considerations like community engagement and access to cultural amenities because life's too short not to enjoy where you live.

This year's list includes cities across the United States, proving that excellent quality of life can be found beyond the usual suspects. From bustling metros to cozy small towns, there's a place for every taste, lifestyle, and budget. Livability's list is a goldmine for anyone curious about making a move or exploring the US.

In essence, checking out Livability's Top 100 Best Places to Live in 2024 could be the first step in your next big adventure. But, for those who live in Idaho and are trying to keep people moving here, you should know that three Idaho cities did make the list. 

3 Best Places To Live in Idaho

According to Livability, who compiled a list of the Top 100 Best Places To Live In the U.S., these three Idaho towns were on it.

Gallery Credit: Kyle Matthews

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On the list, there's a robust mix of offerings from great schools and nightlife to high walkability and public parks. Some areas have enjoyed rapid growth thanks to new businesses moving to the area, while others offer glimpses into area history with well-preserved architecture and museums. Keep reading to see if your hometown made the list.

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