Idaho is known as one of the safest places to raise a family or settle down without the fear of being a victim of crime. That's why most of us including police are stumped by the latest crime wave plaguing Twin Falls.

Can you identify the suspect or their "unique" style of crime?

Twin Falls is one of the safer spots to live in Idaho. According to Neighborhood Scout, you have just a 1 in 223 chance of becoming a victim of a violent crime. As for property crime, Neighborhood Scout says your chance is 1 in 68 which is roughly a 1.4% chance.

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That percentage has us wondering: what are the chances that someone would choose to commit a property crime with a weapon that most of us haven't seen used except in TV shows or movies?

This week, the Twin Falls Police Department's Facebook page shared that they're looking for any information you might have regarding a series of vandalism incidents plaguing Twin Falls.

"It is believed that the culprit used a slingshot to shatter car and business windows," the post said.

"The attached photo is the best lead we have at present and we would appreciate any additional information that could help us in the investigation."

As they acknowledged in their post, the photo isn't the best quality but it's something. Also, maybe someone recognizes the build of the suspect or even the attire?

Call us overconfident but we believe someone has to know SOMETHING! Can you identify the suspect below?

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