A troubling report involving the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) has caused many to be concerned about a recent facility breach. The INL is one of the leading research homes involving nuclear energy and cybersecurity. It is also one of the state's largest employers. However, the INL is trying to recover from an attack by a group called 'Gay Furry.'

The Furrys are a group of people that dress up and identify as animals. You can read our interactions with them locally here. Published reports state that the group "gay furry hackers" of SiegedSec have claimed credit for the attack on the INL. The group has successfully hacked NATO in the past.

Furry Hitting the Streets

Employees private information like social security numbers and bank accounts are feared to have been taken in the attack.

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What They've Stolen

The Register via East Idaho News reports the reaction from INL:

"On Monday, November 20, Idaho National Laboratory determined that it was the target of a cybersecurity data breach in a federally approved vendor system outside the lab that supports INL cloud Human Resources services," spokesperson Lori McNamara told The Register today. "INL has taken immediate action to protect employee data."

What is the INL?

The Idaho National Laboratory was created in 1949 to save lives in America and abroad. The facility is almost 900 square miles and employs world-renowned scientists dedicated to protecting America's infrastructure and preventing the bad guys from acquiring nuclear weapons. Over six thousand Idahoans work at INL. They now have to contend with who has their personal information.

Employees have been told to secure their information and to wait for more updates from INL.

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