Well, we survived the Black Friday and Cyber Monday madness, but guess what? The gift-buying season is still on, and people are continuing to receive packages left and right. Plus, even after the special days for discounts, it seems like there are still plenty of online holiday deals to take advantage of right now.

You know this. We know this. And thieves know this.

Continue scrolling for 5 of the best defenses to stop porch pirates in Idaho from getting your packages.

"Porch Pirates" are the people who snatch packages right from your doorstep. It's not just a national issue; even here in Idaho, we're dealing with our fair share of stolen packages. In fact, multiple data sources show there's been a steady increase in package theft since 2019.

So, how about we figure out the best ways to outsmart these porch pirates and keep our deliveries safe? No one wants to lose their packages, or go through the process of telling Amazon about it to get refunded etc. The whole situation is just annoying to deal with. So, take the time now to set up your defenses.

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Our top pick from the 5 tips below is to get a lockbox for your packages. Seriously, just take a quick peek on Amazon, and you'll find a ton of options—different shapes, sizes, and designs to match your home and preferences: some need your key or code, while others work with a special code for your delivery person.

Check out these 5 no-nonsense tips to stop the annoying porch pirates in Idaho.

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