We can never be truly sure, but it looks like Spring has sprung in Idaho! As we gear up for the summer months, it's essential to whip our homes into shape with some traditional spring cleaning tasks that every Idahoan usually tackles right away (or should prioritize).

While Lowe's shared a popular and comprehensive "Spring-Cleaning Checklist," we've noticed a few quintessentially "Idahoan" tasks that are missing from the list. So, let's jump into the top 10 spring cleaning tasks that resonate the most with Idahoans:

For example, cleaning your cars and finally taking down your Christmas lights. Listen, if you're reading this article in or after April and you still haven't taken down your Christmas lights yet... this is your sign to take them down.

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Among the most overlooked spring cleaning tasks are storing away your winter gear, taking down your Christmas lights, beginning your garden prep, and cleaning your cars.

In Idaho, it's difficult to tell when you might be able to start prepping your gardens, so make sure to do adequate research and ask other local gardening enthusiasts. But when it comes to cleaning your cars, there's never a bad time to give your trusty vehicle a well-deserved wash to get rid it of winter's residue, making sure it shines in the sunlight. So, don't forget to clean your cars!

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Lastly, who doesn't love warmer weather and firing up the grill?! Just make sure to clean the grill before you use it. Keep scrolling for 10 Spring cleaning jobs every Idahoan makes sure to do.

10 Spring Cleaning Jobs Every Idahoan Does (Or Should Do)

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