When the name game becomes a comedy of errors...

Have you ever wondered why some parents give their babies names that sound like they were pulled from a Scrabble bag mid-earthquakeDo they think it predestines their little ones to be a child star because they've got a name that sounds like an ultra rare Pokémon?! Maybe.

Or, maybe it's that they think a unique name will give their kid an extraordinary head start in life. Whatever the reason, it’s a recipe for playground mockery in the making...especially in Idaho.

Idahoans love a good punchline.

In Idaho, naming your kid something outlandish for the sake of being, well, outlandish, is an invitation to be the punchline of many a joke at the local diner.

What you perceive as fresh, quirky, or original might make your neighbors think you took a long walk off a short pier before you conceived your kid. Because, let's be honest, it's one thing to stand out, but it’s another to have a name that sounds like a sneeze or looks like a typo auto corrected missed.

The Oh-No! Name List

If you didn't know, Idaho actually has a list of names you just can’t use. They're legitimately banned/illegal! We spill the beans on which ones in the gallery below, but no joke, these names are why Idaho lawmakers stepped into the baby name game.

These laws are intended to spare Idaho kids from a lifetime of embarrassment, "What did you say your name was?" and "Can you spell that?" moments.

If you’re an Idahoan who's toying with the idea of naming your kid something that looks like your cat walked across the keyboard, maybe don't.

It's fine if you love the idea of little Covidia running around, AKA your not-so-subtle-nod to having a pandemic baby. Just know the rest of us are probably gonna think you're B-A-N-A-N-A-S! 😆

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