When Did People Start Using Nicknames?

People started using nicknames a long time ago! We were surprised to learn the use of nicknames dates as far back as 1303.

Reporter Herald notes the term nickname originates from the Middle English word, "eaca," meaning "an increase." Around the 15th century, "eaca" had transformed into "an ekename," followed by "a nekename." From there, it's easy to see how people eventually arrived at the term we know and use today.

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What's In a Nickname?

In short, nicknames are alternative names given to people, places, or things. They often indicate a sense of familiarity or closeness to the noun in reference. It's common for nicknames to be humorous, affectionate, amusing, or descriptive of an accomplishment, a trait, or a character quirk.

Chicago/The Windy City, New York City/The Big Apple, and Paris/The City of Love, for example, are three of the most well-known city nicknames around the world.

Not-So-Nice Nicknames

Many nicknames come from an unpleasant or negative point of reference. Their purpose is to defame, humiliate, or belittle.

When we were younger, siblings and playground bullies were known for crafting especially embarrassing nicknames. But a lot of us imagined the transition from adolescence to adulthood would do away with the dubbing of mean-spirited nicknames.

We were wrong! This is especially true between/among Treasure Valley cities and cities across the board in Idaho. Think about how often you've heard city-bashing via low-blow nicknames for places like Nampa and Garden City.

Scroll on for a look at the official/unofficial nicknames of 11 Idaho Cities!

The Most Offensive Nicknames of 9 Idaho Cities

Idaho is a state with 265 towns. Boise, Meridian, and Nampa happen to be three of the biggest, each with official and unofficial nicknames.

While official nicknames tend to be descriptive or inspired by the city's terrain or history, the unofficial ones range from comical to cruel. Listed below are the official and unofficial nicknames of nine Idaho cities.

We were surprised by how many we weren't aware of; especially for Blackfoot!

Gallery Credit: Ryan Antoinette Valenzuela

New Nicknames For 11 Southern Idaho Cities

We chose 11 Southern Idaho cities and gave them new, better, slogans: not including Southern Idaho which we will from now on just call 'Better Idaho'.

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The Top 10 Richest Cities In Idaho

In the list of richest cities in Idaho, there are some definite surprises with who made the list and where each city ranks.

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A.I.'s Hilarious Single-Word Descriptions of 10 Idaho Cities

We asked the popular A.I. ChatGPT to describe ten different Idaho cities with just one word and it didn't disappoint... how accurate are these?

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