A recent ruling from the Supreme Court of the United States sparked a quick reaction and statement from the Mayor of the City of Boise, Lauren McLean on Friday, June 28th.

In a decision voted 6-3, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that cities can ban homeless people from sleeping outdoors. The decision, to some, feels awfully harsh.

Where are homeless people to go?

McLean said that in Boise, 'we take care of people' -- would banning the outdoor sleeping of homeless men and women marginalize the less fortunate even more?

In a written statement from the Office of Mayor, Lauren McLean said:

The Supreme Court’s decision in Grants Pass v Johnson will not change our approach. We will continue to invest in permanent supportive housing at New Path, the Park Apartments, Fire Station 5, and in scattered sites around the city, providing case management and supportive services like health care, mental health counseling and substance use disorder treatment that people need to become healthy, self-sufficient, and permanently housed.  It’s a proven model that provides a real path into the future for our most vulnerable residents. In a city for everyone, everyone is valuable, and we don’t give up on people.

Housing in the Treasure Valley has certainly been difficult. The cost to live has been rising, steadily, and many folks continue to struggle with making life here affordable. There is a lot to be discussed on the topic but for now, it seems that McLean has no intention using such 'bans'.

You can read the entire decision from the United States Supreme Court on homelessness, HERE.

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