If you've ever been out in public and seen someone that is particularly attractive-- what have you done? Have you approached and said hello? Or, have you remained silent and always wondered if you should have said something?

One woman in Boise has posted up to a local 'Missed Connection' page-- where folks hope to reach people that they may have seen or met out and about in the Treasure Valley in an attempt to spark what could have been something special and romantic!

One woman in Boise spent some time at Boise Music Festival this weekend--and now she needs some help.

You can read the missed connection below: 

This is a long shot but you were at Boise Music Fest on Saturday. I seen you about 9:45 at the Sizzler in the carnival with a little boy and you were talking to him about his sister that was on the ride. I did not speak to you for fear that you had a significant other and I had been there ten hours and was done. I thought you were so cute. I am literally kicking myself for not talking to you. I was sitting on the bench waiting for my girls. I had on black shorts, blue swimsuit top and a hat that said, “your dad is my cardio”. In my defense, I bought it there to keep the sun out of my eyes. Boise work ur magic!

Do you think that you know who this guy is? Maybe you ARE this guy? Here's your shot at love! 

We love that Boise Music Festival may just be what brings to people together!

Could it have been Jason Derulo's dance moves and love songs that brought all of this together!? Was love in the air!?

You can see the post, HERE.

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