Idaho is growing used to seeing big stars and celebrities visit--whether it's a low key visit, like we often see in resort towns or a major concert, Idaho is on the map. The Kardashians love Coeur d'Alene and Elon Musk has even spent time in Sun Valley.

Who is next to invade Idaho?

Dog the Bounty Hunter!

What Idaho Can Expect From Dog The Bounty Hunter

If you're on the run, Dog will find you at Expo Idaho

We cannot wait until Dog is in the Treasure Valley! 

If you're unfamiliar with the show, Dog The Bounty Hunter is an A&E network television program and Dog is the star! He hunts down wanted individuals and it is ALWAYS an adventure!

Coming to Idaho this May: Dog The Bounty Hunter, in real life!

If you have a warrant out or are running from a bondsman--you had better plan on hiding or skipping town on May 20th--that's when he will be in the city!

While at this time, we're unaware of whether or not Dog will be on the hunt for fugitives--we do know he will be spending the day at Idaho's Largest Garage Sale. The event takes place at Expo Idaho and visitors will be able to meet Dog The Bounty Hunter personally--even grab a photo together!

This is sure to be an amazing time and this television star in particular is going to be a Boise favorite on his first Idaho visit!

For more information and to get tickets, click HERE

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