After weeks, literally, of seeing daily trial updates from the Ada County Courthouse nationwide--Chad Daybell has been found guilty, on all charges. Guilty of Murder and more--Daybell has been sentenced to death by the State of Idaho.


Updates from the trial were heartbreaking--even if you didn't follow the case regularly. Cameras were allowed into the courtroom unlike the trial of his wife, Lori Vallow. Millions streamed the trial online and followed daily updates.

Following the Vallow trial, one man in particular stood out to the nation as it watched the story line and many were eager to get an update on his well being during the Daybell trial as well.

We want you to meet Larry Woodcock

Larry Woodcock: A Bright Spot in Lori Vallow's Trial

It's difficult to see much good in the Lori Vallow trial and story--but meet Larry Woodcock, J.J. Vallow's grandfather and the 'heartstrings' of the case

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Larry has been an amazing example through all of this. 

Who is Larry Woodcock? He is the grandfather of J.J. and took care of him during his first 10 months of life until he was adopted by Kay, his wife's, brother. Kay's brother was Charles Vallow--the ex husband of Lori Vallow.

It was Larry Woodcock who contacted Rexburg Police about a missing J.J. Vallow--and it was also Larry who later offered a $20,000 reward for any helpful tips in the missing persons case. Larry loved J.J. Vallow to pieces.

Once the trial began, Larry Woodcock committed to being at the trail every single day--and he was. Large camera crews from all over the nation awaited Larry's arrival to the courthouse--daily. Never once did Larry present himself as anything other than a loving, respectful, and patient man. Larry understood that attacking Lori, calling her names, or bashing on anyone or anything was not going to move the process along or bring justice. Often times, it was Larry reminding the media that this trial was indeed a process to be had--one in which he believed and trusted. Larry often emphasized that he wanted everything to go well so that a jury could make a fair, balanced, and appropriate decision with all of the fact before them.

It's obvious that Larry wanted a guilty verdict. We all did. But Larry said over and over: trust the court process and it will all work itself out.

You may recall that powerful moment during the Vallow trial in which, once jury deliberation began, a unique emotion flowed from Larry--one of love, anticipation, and trust of the process. Woodcock began playing Queen's 'We Will Rock You' and AC/DC 'Thunderstuck'.  But why?

"This was JJ's song", Larry proclaimed. He explained that JJ would pull out the pots, pans, and buckets around the house and rock out to 'We Will Rock You'. On the final day, Larry exclaimed 'Today's The Day!'--he wanted justice, as we all did, and he was channeling his pal, JJ, for whom justice would be served. 

To see a grandfather share the stories and memories--and with the strength that Larry did--was so inspiring. We hope as much peace that can come from these guilty verdicts be granted to Larry and Kay.

Speaking to the press following the guilty verdict in front of the Ada County Courthouse -- Woodcock emotionally shared that now, the family can breath. " JJ -- I miss you", he said.

See his full heartfelt statement below:


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