The time many of us have been dreading is finally here. One of the few positives to come out of the pandemic was that it put a freeze on student loan payments and led to a few years of relief for many across the country. It allowed many Americans to get caught up on extra bills, not having to worry about student loans, or for some, they were able to pay off their loans or put a good amount towards it, with no interest building. While the time has been enjoyable, it has finally come to an end, and making payments is a thing once again. When it comes to where you live it can affect how the payments will affect you, so which state is the best to live in for student loan payments, which is the worst, and how should Idaho feel about all this?

The Best and Worst States for Paying Back Student Loans

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With the time to make payments back, some states will be affected more than others, and WalletHub recently released a list ranking the states by most affected by the student loan payment moratorium ending to the least affected and used a few categories to do so, such as student loan indebtedness, and student loan forgiveness. Using these criteria, it was determined that Pennsylvania would be the most affected by student loans being active again, with Mississippi being the second most affected, and New Hampshire rounding out the top three. The state with the least to worry about is Wyoming, with Washington being the second state least affected, and Montana rounding out the bottom three. 

How Does the Student Loan Payment Moratorium Ending Affect Idaho?

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With many across Idaho now having to begin to start paying back their student loans, how does the state compare to others? Idaho comes in as the fifth least affected state, which is great news for Idahoans. The state ranks 40 in student loan indebtedness, and 47 in student loan forgiveness. One reason Idaho isn't as affected as other states is because it ranks second highest of all states for a share of student loan borrowers who are eligible for forgiveness. 

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While many Americans will begin feeling stress again, and some in Idaho are included, most in the state will feel more relaxed than in other places around the country. Make sure to do your research and find out if you qualify for forgiveness or see how to adjust your payments if you are feeling overwhelmed. To see the full list and how other states are affected by paying back their loans, make sure to click the link above. 

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