Angelica M. Martinez Faces Multiple Charges in Connection with December 1st Murders

Angelica M. Martinez, a 40-year-old resident of Twin Falls, is behind bars in Phoenix, Arizona, as of December 6, 2023, in connection with a double homicide that shocked the Twin Falls community just days earlier. Martinez, now in custody at Maricopa County Jail, faces multiple charges, including Possession of a Controlled Substance-Methamphetamine, Possession of a Controlled Substance-Cocaine, and two counts of Aiding and Abetting Murder.

The double homicide, which occurred on December 1, 2023, claimed the lives of Jaime Bravo Rodriguez and Jesse Ortiz-Meda, leaving the community in shock and mourning. The arrest of Angelica M. Martinez was the result of a joint effort between law enforcement and community members who provided crucial information to investigators.

Captain Matthew Hicks of the Twin Falls Police Department commented on the arrest, saying,

"This arrest is a result of the collaborative work between our dedicated investigators and community members who came forward with valuable information. Our team has been working tirelessly to investigate this crime, and we will continue to do so until we find who committed these murders."

He further emphasized the importance of approaching the situation with unity, empathy, and a level head, noting that the incident was a tragic event that necessitated a diligent response.

While Martinez's arrest represents a significant breakthrough in the case, the Twin Falls Police Department is still actively investigating the double homicide. Updates will be provided to the community as more information becomes available.

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