Crime happens in every town in America, and despite what people want to believe, it will continue to happen. We can't stop it, but we can try to prevent it to the best of our abilities. Sometimes softballs are lofted for criminals, and they see the opportunity and take it. If residents in Twin Falls make better decisions, we could help lower the crime rate in the area. There has been an increase in crime lately, particularly with cars, and the Twin Falls Police are here to help.

Car Theft on the Rise in Twin Falls

Car theft and break-ins have been on the rise lately in Twin Falls, and much of it could have been prevented. According to the Twin Falls Police Facebook page, they have noticed an increase in car burglaries, and one common theme is that criminals did not have to break into the car. Why did they not have to break in? People have been leaving their cars unlocked, inviting these criminals in to search as they please. They can open the door, get what they want, and be gone without so much as a broken window, a scratch, or any damage done. This falls on the owner of the car. 

Preventing Car Burglaries in Twin Falls

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To avoid the potential of someone stealing from your car, make sure to lock your doors, no matter the time or location of your car. Anytime you go into stores, or even in your driveway, lock your doors. Make sure to take out any valuables, such as wallets, sunglasses, cell phones, purses, and even little things like loose change. The weather might be hot at times, but make sure to keep your window rolled up as well, to not even give them a crack to work with. It may seem like a hassle, but if you value these things and your car, the extra seconds and effort are worth it. 

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Take every precaution you can and as sad as it is, trust nobody. Thieves are out and looking for an easy quick grab, and a simple thing like locking your car can be all it takes to keep your possessions safe. If someone is going to break into your car, they should at least have to work for it, so stop giving them easy targets.

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