There have been many opportunities to sit with Santa on the days leading up to Christmas. Some folks have even had a sit-down to breakfast with him. But on Christmas Eve, he’s hyper-focused on one thing. A chat is probably out of the question, but maybe you have a chance to spot him in the sky as he makes his rounds.

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The conditions for Santa flight sightseeing are surprisingly complex. Mostly, people think of seeing a magical flying sleigh as impossible, but there are many items to consider. There was a study. I don’t know how people think of these studies, but there was a study. Who are we to challenge the statistics?

What Makes a Good City to Spot Santa in Flight?

Cloud cover is of course a concern. Sitting on top of the roof to see a fly-by does no good if it is cloudy. Of course, there is the period when he drops down low to get to the housetops. Then, the problems become fog and snowfall obstructing view quality.

Light pollution is another consideration. Too bright of lights in the area not only shine too bright for star gazing, but Santa gazing can be difficult as well. Cities that are smaller, or are more respectful of how much light goes out instead of down may have an advantage.

Elevated locations have an advantage. Face it, sea-level cities are farther away from the action. Up where the oxygen is thinner has a better vantage for reindeer spotting.

Places searching for the Santa tracker. It seems logical that people on the hunt for Santa sightings are more likely to see him if they are aware of his pattern from other searchers and seekers. Information shared is key.

What Cities Have the Best Chance to Catch a Glimpse of Santa on Christmas Eve?

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With a top score of 100, Boise comes in at a respectable 66.5, putting them in the top 10 across the U.S. Strangely, a couple of surprise cities near the coast made the list. Looking at 7 different key elements, Boise is a good place for Santa spotting. Well, bigger city Santa anyway.

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