I have always been one to encourage a new business. In my latest attempt at support, I have also come upon an opportunity to eat. Supporting new businesses that make delicious food are 2 of my favorite things. Having a chance to support new businesses, eat, and do it outdoors? This is poetry.

Broken Barrell had a soft opening on the 22nd. Who doesn’t want to eat pulled pork, steak bites, or hamburgers? A better question is who doesn’t want to eat pulled pork, steak bites, AND hamburgers? I never get to eat cole slaw at home because I’m the only one who eats it in my house. Now, I can get some for myself with some pulled pork fries. I might take the family. I might go alone so I don’t get judged for my cole slaw consumption. Funnel cakes to top off the meal seem perfect. I meant a funnel cake. Like only one. I would never eat more than one.

There was Cajun butter on something. I’m a lover of butter and Cajun seasoning. I have never tried them together. I would like to do so. Steak fingers with sauces, yum. It appears that during the soft opening, the pulled pork was very popular, and they ran out. Perhaps a visit a bit earlier in the day is in order.

Google Maps/Canva
Google Maps/Canva

Let Them Eat Cake in the Magic Valley

The next chance to stuff your face, I mean to support local business, is this weekend on the 29th and 30th at Harmon Park in Twin Falls. Broken Barrel says the north side at 8 AM. I think funnel cake can be considered a breakfast food, don’t you? They make it with strawberries. I saw a picture of it. That is officially breakfast.

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