Whoa there! Before the feathers get ruffled, establishing the parameters as to what is considered a sin must be completed.

What are the 7 Deadly Sins?

According to the Bible, there are 7 ‘deadly’ sins. These are the sins that move a person into a lifetime of lawbreaking worldly sins, not spiritual ones. Indulging in these sins leads to eternal damnation. Consider these as capital crimes of the soul. Ranking them on a scale of severity:

  1. Lust - usually a desire of a carnal nature. If left uncontrolled, it can lead to big trouble.
  2. Gluttony - overindulgence in food and drink can lead to uncharitable choices and a lack of concern for the needs of others.
  3. Greed - acquiring more than is needed and being unwilling to share possessions or money.
  4. Sloth - lazy in the body and mind. This can lead to indifference toward other human beings.
  5. Wrath - anger uncontrolled and rage untamed morphs into vengeance.
  6. Envy - desiring a trait or possession of another person to the point of hatred can lead nowhere healthy.
  7. Pride - an inability to be humble. This is the big one.

How Sinful is California?

Source: WalletHub

California hits hard in 3rd place. Anger and hatred are the go-to for sinning in the Golden State. The number of mass shootings, elder abuse complaints, and aggravated assault arrests all contribute to a bronze trophy nobody wants to have up on the mantle.

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These results take into account violent crimes per capita, sex offenders per capita, rate of bullying, public school students who carried a weapon on school property, hate-crime incidents per capita, hate groups per capita, and share of maltreated children.

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