Some things are timeless and can stay forever. Some things should just die. Candy corn falls into the latter category. Candy can have chocolate, coconut, almonds, chili, bubble gum, prickly pear, and bugs, but still be yummy. It would seem that sugar, fondant, corn syrup, vanilla, and marshmallow creme would be awesome. In this case, it is not. With the endless supply of sweet choices, how did candy corn become a thing?

Of course, there are the outliers who say candy corn is an awesome treat. They have crazy ideas as to the proper way to eat them like they are supposed to be consumed at all. Those people probably enjoy sucking on uncoated aspirin tablets and getting fillings at the dentist with no anesthesia.

What Are the Best Practices for Candy Corn Disposal?

People have created recipes to try to make the candy corn edible. Placed in fudge, cookies, or brownies they only serve to ruin a perfectly good dessert. Melted and drizzled over popcorn? This may dissipate the evil, but cannot possibly eradicate it completely.

Everyone knows the most acceptable thing to do with candy corn is to use it in decorations. There are cute ways to arrange candy corn to make it look like an actual cob, glued together to form a wreath, as turkey feathers, or in decorative centerpieces.

Perhaps the only other proper uses for candy corn are as projectiles in a slingshot, used as a deterrent under the window for shoeless burglars to step on, or for scientific experimentation.

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