It may be strange for some people to hear that COVID-19 restrictions are still a thing. In Idaho, the restrictions were lifted as quickly as they were instated. One day it was masks and 6 feet apart, the next day it was back to business, and masks were at each person’s discretion with businesses making rules for their private locations.

Quarantine Rules Have Changed Since They Were First Instated

In the beginning, if you tested positive, the idea was to quarantine for 2 weeks until a second test resulted in a negative. Then it became a rule to quarantine for 5 days before returning back to work if there were no longer symptoms. Soon, the recommendation may change again.

What Changes Are Expected From the CDC Quarantine Guidelines?

As viruses change and evolve, so must our reaction to it. The CDC is expected to change recommendations on quarantine guidelines for those who have tested positive to align more with persons who have the flu or RSV. The idea is to quarantine the symptoms. Persons who have tested positive but have had no fever for 24 hours and without medication can return to their regular schedule depending on how they feel.

Why Are the Guidelines Changing?

It could be the CDC is getting pressure from businesses who have trouble getting people back to work after testing positive. It could be that since so many people are weary of quarantine and masks, just getting them to recognize staying home even a few days is better than nothing, they are succumbing to public pressure.

Considering how few people even test for COVID-19 in Idaho now, it may be somewhat of a moot point. Residents in the state have been taking their health under their control for a couple of years now.

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