Maybe you are interested in trying snowboarding. Maybe you want to bring a friend into the fold. Whatever the reason for wanting snow gear, you need some. CSI Outdoors has a great way for you to update your equipment and wardrobe for the ski season.

If you think it’s time to sell your gear to be able to afford different stuff, drop off is on October 26th at the Student Rec Center. The vendor packet has to be done so you can sell stuff. The entry fee to sell is $1, W-9, Request for Payment, and Consignment Gear Agreement have to be entered. It’s not too much trouble to sell your stuff. Then you can update to other gear of your own.

When is the Best Time to Get to The CSI Ski Swap?

It’s a great idea to get in early. After the gear drop-off for vendors on the 26th, Early Bird Entry Begins on Friday the 27th at noon. Early bird entry is $15, but it offers the chance at the most choice pickings. Saturday the 28th entry is $10 and will run from 9 AM to 6 PM.

This helps everyone in the community get a chance at inexpensive gear but also is the annual fundraiser for campus recreation. They took a break in 2022, but are ready to get everyone outfitted for the season.

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KMVT reports that there is also a chance for employment at Magic Mountain and Soldier Mountain as there will be people there recruiting for the season.

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