Everyone knows smoking is bad for your health. But there is one thing that people appreciate about it. Smoking can tamp down appetite. So, while smokers may be damaging their bodies in other ways, they have the benefit of increased metabolism and fewer hangry episodes.

Now that smoking has made social pariahs out of anyone who chooses to do so, health-conscious people are attacking another comfort, sitting. No longer will sitting at a desk be accepted in proper society. ‘Sitting is the new smoking’ is the phrase people use to make you feel self-conscious about your work and home lifestyle.

Sitting to Do Work is No Longer Acceptable Behavior

This seems to be contrary to the work-from-home environment that many people now desire. At least with getting up and traversing through morning preparation for the commute to work, a human being was required to move. But work at home people walk across the house, or sometimes just across the room and they are at work.

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Desk jockeys need to be aware, they’re coming for you next. No longer will you be able to gaze out of your windows in your dress shirts and pajama bottoms with nary a care in the world. Your sedentary work and home lifestyles are no longer acceptable.

What Changes Should Be Made to Stay Healthy at a Desk Job?

Your doctor will begin hounding you soon. Your children will be coming home from school regaling you with stories of how unhealthy your job and home life are. Spouses are gearing up for gym memberships and scheduled ‘get out and do something’ activities.

To offset all the debilitating sitting you do, health officials are now going to mandate 40 minutes of intense physical activity. What you do for a living is putting demands on what you do after work. Don’t think for one minute you are allowed to sit on the couch after a long day at work sitting in a chair.

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Maybe you can get a standing desk. Perhaps a treadmill is attached to your desk that powers your computer. Stop walking, and the technology stops working. You may be a trendsetter for a new craze.

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What if you were sitting and smoking at the same time? Would a dark vortex suck you into the black hole of the unhealthy?

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