I feel like summer isn’t mine. I share with nature. Outside, I figure I am trespassing on the bug territory. I’ll make the adjustments to invade their space with bug sprays and such. Why do the bugs insist on invading my space? If they just stayed outside, everyone could co-exist in peace, but no. Here we are with summer on the way and bugs inviting themselves into my home.

I know that everyone considers spiders as the great invaders, but they are more of year-round squatters. Summer brings ants. The evil crawling invaders of the kitchen and bath never seem to get the idea that this is my space and outside is theirs.

How to Get Ants to Take the Bait

Recently we had an invasion in my bathroom. Why? There was no food in my bathroom. My husband bought ant bait that was supposed to have the ants take the food/poison back to their home and kill everything. The trouble was, they completely ignored the bait. Finally, we just sprayed ant killer. That’s a lovely smell wafting from your bathroom to your bedroom as you fall asleep. Not wanting a repeat another day, I studied.

To truly battle an enemy, you must first understand it. Instead of stepping on the ant, realize the future ants swarming under or just outside your house will take its place. Find out what drives the enemy, then attack it with its own cravings.

The way to an ant’s heart is the same as a husband's. Find out what they like to eat, and give it to them. Strange how tastes change depending on the time of year, but if it’ll help keep them out, I’ll try anything once. Setting out a plate of something sweet, something greasy, and something protein, then see which your particular invaders prefer. Then buy the corresponding bait.

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Remember to use products for the right circumstances. If the pest problem is somewhere around pets or children, choose control methods wisely.

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