The holidays make for a great time to propose, with family around, friends, and it is a romantic time of year. With the holidays now over, these newly engaged couples will now have to begin planning their magical day. Planning a wedding is tough, and knowing where to start is even tougher. The shock, the excitement, and the happiness fade and the hard work begins, but where does one start? Instead of trying to figure out where to go or what to do first, how about attending an event that has everything you need under one roof? The Twin Falls Bridal Expo is back this weekend, and it is the perfect place to begin your wedding planning.

Twin Falls Bridal Expo

Credit: Silk-stocking
Credit: Silk-stocking

The Twin Falls Bridal Expo, sponsored by Southern Idaho Bride Magazine, will be happening this weekend, Friday, January 5, and Saturday, January 6 at the old Shopko, located in the Magic Valley Mall. The event will be happening from 5 PM to 9 PM on Friday, and from 10 AM to 4 PM on Saturday. There will be wedding and event professionals present to help you plan your magical day and to have it be everything you could want. The best part of all though, is there will be cake and food samples as well. 

Everything to Know About the Twin Falls Bridal Expo

Credit: eli77
Credit: eli77

Tickets to the expo are $10 per person plus fees for one day, or you can get a group rate and bring your wedding party, family, or friends, up to four others for $48. Children can attend, but it is recommended you leave them at home, as they are likely to get bored. There will be more than 50 vendors on hand, so make sure to have plenty of time to talk to everyone. There will be DJs, photo booths, spa treatments, dresses, flowers, décor, cake, and much more all in one location. This is the best place to go all year to plan your wedding. 

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Don't hesitate, and call your friends, your family, or your bridal party, and get to the Twin Falls Bridal Expo this weekend. Instead of drawing out the process and being stressed, answer your hundreds of questions in one place and feel like you have a plan by the end of the weekend. For all details on the event, make sure to click the link above.

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