As the City of Twin Falls grows, so must the infrastructure. Road and water upgrades are necessary to fulfill the growing city’s needs.

Less than 2 years ago, Filer Avenue wasn’t even complete from Meadowview Lane to Hankins Road.

Filer Ave 2022
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Now, there is a road closure just over 18 months later to work on the water line. It is part of the construction of the Twin Falls Hankins Pressure Zone Project. After the water line is complete, it will help the area with its water lines for current residents and aid with water pressure for future development projects.

What Part of Filer Ave. Will Be Closed? For How Long?

Residents in Twin Falls along Filer Ave. E from Hankins Road to Meadowview Lane are not going to have an easy commute beginning March 25th. The city will be closing this section of Filer Ave. to install a 12” water line. The closure is expected to last approximately 1 week. In Idaho terms, if the weather is good, could be less. If not, patience is a virtue.

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Traffic should avoid the area whenever possible. A detour to Stadium Blvd. will be in place for the duration. Any questions about the project can be made to Extreme Excavation Inc. at 208-821-2868.

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Thankfully, this project is taking place when Twin Falls Public Schools are on Spring Break. Perhaps the traffic will be lighter and workers will be unhindered by drivers trying to get through a road closure.

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