Voting is a right provided by the U.S. Constitution. But with those rights come responsibilities. Citizens in Idaho have a right to vote but must provide proper identification to verify their identity and residency.

In 2023, legislation was passed to make sure registered voters had every opportunity to vote in the Gem State. Since ID is required to vote in the state, Idaho passed legislation to make free IDs available to those who did not already have a driver’s license or state ID. However, Idahoans who had a driver’s license within the prior six months were ineligible to get a free state ID.

How Does New Legislation Help People Who Want to Vote in Idaho?

New legislation has been signed by Governor Brad Little. It eliminates that restriction in the original legislation and will take effect on July 1, 2024. The governor stated,

Idaho is committed to fair and secure elections. I commend the Legislature, especially Senate President Pro Tem Winder and Representative Mitchell, for their dedication to providing free IDs for voting. This legislation underscores our belief in the importance of every Idahoan's voice and their ability to participate in our elections.

Idaho citizens wanting a free ID must provide proof of residency, age, and identity to get a free ID card. It is accepted for registering to vote and to verify identity when voting in person at polling stations. From the time the legislation originally went into effect through February 2024, 60 free IDs have been issued.

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Voter identification is required in Idaho to vote at the polls. If residents need an ID card for voting, they can contact their local DMV or visit

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