Owning a car is a wonderful experience until a light appears on the dashboard. Aside from ‘low fuel’ the bottom of your stomach can drop in an instant if your display has words instead of just the light that looks like Q-Bert shines so brightly there’s no ignoring it. Those most hated of words ‘Check Engine Soon.’

Check Engine
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Back when that light first began showing up, it had very little to check. In the 1980’s, that light meant there was a problem in the emissions system. Now, there are lights for so much more. No longer is it just a ‘dummy’ light that means ‘change your oil, dummy.’ It could be something wrong with cooling, heating, oil, temperature, brakes, transmission, electrical, or in fancy well-to-do vehicles, your entertainment system. (Not that being able to listen to podcasts isn’t important, should it be part of the check engine/warning light system?)

Do You Have to Check the Engine Immediately When the Light Turns On?

So, what if you don’t check the engine? What if you just let it go for a while? The car feels like it's running fine, and there aren’t any obvious signs of distress. You don’t have time or funds to take the car into the shop. Leaving that light until something isn’t running or sounding right in your car is one of the biggest frustrations for a mechanic.

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It’s more money for them, sure. What started as a simple fix could mean a vacation in Waikiki to your mechanic. No, they get to spend time working on many issues caused by the one issue it would have taken a new part and 30 minutes to fix. If only you had checked the engine when the car said so. It is frustrating for someone who knows that all it would take is a quick trip to see them turn into a month sitting in their lot waiting for parts.

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Think of your mechanic as a doctor for your car. Your doctor pays attention to the warning signs your body is giving you like high blood pressure being treated with a pill. Let your mechanic pay attention to the warning sign your car is giving you. Sure, it may be something inane like low washer fluid, but there are many more insidious things it could be as well.

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