There is more to health than just physical health. The heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, and other organs are essential to keep healthy. The organ that runs the whole system and is arguably the most important gets the least acknowledgment and treatment in the Gem State.

How Well Does Idaho Take Care of Its Mental Health?

It is a complex combination of problems for Idaho to tackle when it comes to taking care of its mental health. Idaho doesn’t do well to be in the top 10 of The Worst States for Mental Health Care.

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A big problem is getting insurance to cover mental health in their policies adequately. Underinsured individuals or people who are completely uninsured don’t get the help they need. Some insurances cover mental health visits like a regular doctor visit with a deductible, some cover a percentage of the cost, and some don’t cover any mental health visits at all.

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Some people who would greatly benefit from consulting a mental health professional choose to not do so. Either they are trying to take care of their problems themselves, or they don’t want to admit there is a problem at all. Trying to break through that barrier can be extremely challenging.

Will AI Chatbots Replace Humans for People Seeking Mental Health

A recent study from revealed a 13% decline in online searches of mental health topics. The reasons for the lack of searches are unknown, but AI chatbots offering therapy advice are becoming more prevalent.

Psychologists are divided about the use of AI for mental health. While the benefit in speed of tasks is great, the delicate nuance of mental health is concerning for using AI. How would an AI be able to tell if a client was being honest with themselves? What does an AI use to judge emotional responses?

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