Baby fever is a real thing, and it seems that many women around Twin Falls and the entire state are having babies daily and weekly. Having a child is one of the most rewarding things in the world, but while most of us are thinking about names and shopping for cuteness to fill our rooms, we forget about the costs, stress, and fears that will soon follow. Where you live can dictate if it is a good idea to have a baby or not, or if it is affordable. Which state is the best for having a baby, which is the worst, and is Idaho a good or bad state to have a baby this year?

The Best and Worst States to Have Babies

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Having babies is great, but it can get expensive and fast. In some states, it might be possible to have multiple kids, and in others, it might be realistic to only have one or none. WalletHub recently released a list of the best and worst states to have babies and used categories such as cost, health care, baby friendliness, and family friendliness to determine the list. According to the list, Massachusetts is the best state to have a baby, with Minnesota being second, and Vermont rounding out the top three. The worst state to have a baby is Mississippi, with Alabama being the second worst, and South Carolina rounding out the bottom three. 

Is Idaho a Good or Bad State to Have a Baby?

Credit: evgenyatamanenko
Credit: evgenyatamanenko

When it comes to having babies in Idaho, there are worse states to be in, but plenty of better options as well. Idaho comes on the list at 27. The Gem State is 9 in cost, 17 in health care, 12 in baby friendliness, but 35 in family friendliness. The good news is that a baby is affordable in Idaho and care wise you are in good hands. Having maternity leave is a big factor as well, and not everyone is granted that in Idaho. To see the full list broken down, make sure to click the link above. 

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If you are thinking about extending your family and are finding it difficult to afford a baby or find the care you want, perhaps look at moving, but Idaho offers plenty of great resources to help you bring your child into this world. Each child is a blessing and no matter where you live, the stress you go through, or the costs, the moment you hold your newborn, it won't matter anymore and it'll all be worth it.

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