Idaho is an oddly shaped state, there is no way around it. Part of what makes the state unique is that it forms a boot. While it looks cool on a map, it does make giving directions and the geography of the state a little tough. There has been a debate for years about what consists of Southern Idaho, Eastern Idaho, Northern Idaho, and Western Idaho. It should seem simple, but based on the shape of the state, it is anything but that. If looking at a map of Idaho, where would the town of Wallace be located? Is it Northern Idaho, Eastern Idaho, or both?

Why Wallace is Part of Eastern Idaho

Credit: Kirk Fisher
Credit: Kirk Fisher

When most Idahoans think of Eastern Idaho, they think of Rexburg, Idaho Falls, Pocatello, and towns in the southeastern part of the state. They aren't wrong, but those aren't the only towns part of Eastern Idaho. For example, Boise is to the west, but wouldn't it be considered Southern Idaho, considering how the state is designed? There are towns out east that are near the Montana border, which could make them also Northern Idaho. Using this same logic, although the town of Wallace is up north, it isn't far from the Montana border, which sits to the east. Therefore, Wallace would be part of Eastern Idaho, only a further north version than most think of. 

About Wallace Idaho

Credit: Clay Elliot on Unsplash
Credit: Clay Elliot on Unsplash

Wallace is a small town in the Northern part of Idaho, also part of Eastern Idaho, with a population of less than a thousand. The area is in the Silver Valley mining district and sits along the South Fork of the Coeur d'Alene River. The area is great for hiking in the summer and skiing or snowboarding in the winter. While most would argue that the town is in Northern Idaho, Wallace is closer to the eastern border than it is to the northern border of the state. It is more Eastern Idaho than Northern Idaho. 

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Is Wallace north, east, or both? It is truly both, but more Eastern than North. It may be simple geography, but this debate continues. If Wallace truly is Eastern Idaho, then can Boise be argued as part of Southern Idaho? Keep scrolling to see why Boise is Southern and not Western Idaho.

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