Several inches of snow have fallen in Southern Idaho in the past couple of weeks. This has been a boon for nearby ski areas. The snow has been an opportunity for kids to sled down manmade glaciers. Shoveling gets homeowners a chance for a great workout. Neighbors make new friends using their snowblowers to help others around them.

The other side of snowfall is snow melt. The temperature rising slowly gives the snow time to melt at a polite pace. This time, the temperature rose drastically.

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On Monday, January 15th, the temperature was -3 degrees Fahrenheit. Skip to January 17th, Twin Falls temp skyrocketed to 42 degrees as it rained down over all the inches of snow that had fallen. This helped residents who felt beaten down emotionally and physically by the relentless snowfall. Nature beat them down, nature gave them a break.

This brings a new problem for homeowners to deal with. Drastic temperature changes cause fast melt-off of snow. All that water has to go somewhere. But not just water runs to the storm drains. Chunks of ice, slush, garbage, and leaves all wash down as well. If the storm drains become blocked, homeowners are the ones who will be paying the price.

City Asks For Help To Prevent Flooding In Twin Falls

The City of Twin Falls is seeking help from residents to help prevent flooding that could occur from blocked storm drains. City workers are working on clearing drains, but if residents notice localized water building up, they are encouraged to remove debris such as ice and twigs from the storm grates to alleviate water back-up. There is a map of the storm drains in Twin Falls available if residents would like to find the location of storm drains near their homes.

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