Traffic during the holidays is never a delight. In Idaho, there is the bonus of winter weather conditions to contend with as well. When things go wrong, they can go very wrong. Making sure the public has proper working lights is a high priority for the city.

The City of Twin Falls Asks Drivers to Be Careful During Repairs

Traffic in Twin Falls may be a bit busy at one intersection on Thursday. There will be flaggers directing traffic through a project beginning at 9:30 AM and continuing for approximately six hours. Work is scheduled to replace a damaged traffic signal cabinet at the intersection of Kimberly Road and Hankins Road.

Credit Google Maps
Credit Google Maps

It may be prudent to use another route during that time to enable the work to get done quickly and safely. Don't get mad when things slow down, you were warned. There are alternate ways to get into McDonald’s, Chobani, Jayco, and Clif Bar. A scenic drive down Balanced Rock Road can get drivers to the same destination, though somewhat circuitously. Anyone needing to go through the area is reminded that increased fines apply in work zones.

Any questions about the project can be made to Electric One West at 208-735-9578.

Intermittent Road Closures in Twin Falls

Twin Falls residents are reminded that there may be limited road access to the Evel Knievel Jumpsite due to weather conditions and construction work on nearby private land. There will also be intermittent closure of Shoshone Falls Road and access to Shoshone Falls Park when hazardous road conditions are present due to freezing mist.

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