Twin Falls is growing, and it has caused mixed feelings in the area. Some love seeing it grow as it brings in new businesses, helps the economy, and is helping the town expand. Others hate it, as it brings more traffic, more buildings, and changes the beloved town they once knew. No matter how you feel, more and more people will continue to flock to Twin Falls and the Magic Valley, and it will continue to grow and expand in the following years. One part that many are afraid to discuss is that as the population grows, so does the diversity of the area. The more people in the area, the more cultures brought in, the different races brought in, and it shifts the percentage of how many are in the area. Which races are on the rise the most and which have decreased recently in the Magic Valley?

Diversity in Twin Falls

Credit: Comstock
Credit: Comstock

It is not a secret that Idaho has been and remains predominantly white. The state is not as diverse as some others, but that has begun to change as more and more people migrate towards Idaho. The majority of the people in Twin Falls remain white, according to a recent study by, 86.42 percent of the residents in Twin are white. This number is not surprising, but which race comes in second and by how much? People that are mixed and have multiple races in them is at 6.53 percent, while other race is at 2.98 percent. When you break it down to more specific races, Asians makeup 2.52 percent of the population, and 1.06 percent are African American. To see the full list broken down, you can click the link above. 

Change in Twin Falls

Credit: digitalskillet
Credit: digitalskillet

Change is happening in the area, and you don't need to look any further than the numbers broken down. Less than 15 percent of the population is now Hispanic. Of the over 50,000 people that live in Twin Falls, over 44,000 are white, over 3,000 are multiple races, 1292 in the area are Asian, and 544 are African American. It may feel at times that more than one certain race has increased in the area when in reality, things haven't changed as much as many think. The percentages have shifted slightly, but not as much as some may think. The survey is so specific, it shows that there are only 5 people in the area that are Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander. 

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While there is a cultural and diversity shift taking place, the pace is not as quick as it may seem. As different cultures are woven into the Twin Falls area, it will make the town more diverse and more appealing to others to move here. If you are one of those who hate seeing the town expand, you won't like things moving forward, but if you enjoy seeing new stores and businesses and new cultures grow in the area, then buckle up, because things are only getting started.

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