Summer is still a bit away, but will be here before we know it. As the weather warms up, some of us may feel like it is already here, but we still must wait a little bit longer to enjoy some of our favorite activities like boating, kayaking, and swimming. Some local pools in the area have begun getting the pools ready for the summer and are preparing for a warm season this year. While most of us are excited to get out and enjoy the water once it warms up, there is one pool in the Magic Valley that tragically may not be able to open this year.

Buhl Public Pool Needs Lifeguards


The Buhl Public Pool is preparing for summer and working to get things ready but recently posted that it may not be able to open this summer due to a lack of available lifeguards. If there aren't enough employees to work at the pool, the residents will have to find other places to swim. The pool is great for residents of Buhl, being located in the city park and having a kiddie pool, as well as diving boards and a slide. According to the Facebook post, all lifeguards require training, which typically takes place during April and May, but sadly, there aren't enough candidates to complete the training process. If you or someone you know is looking for a fun summer job where you get to get a nice tan, be outside, and hang out by the pool all summer, make sure to apply. 

Summer Jobs in the Magic Valley

Credit: Eric Prouzet on Unsplash
Credit: Eric Prouzet on Unsplash

While being a lifeguard is a great summer job and much needed, if you don't feel you meet the requirements and still need a job, there are other possibilities. Target and Walmart are always looking to hire, as are grocery stores, and even the movie theater could use help in the summer. It may seem like you have plenty of time to look for a summer job, but now is the time to start applying so you can get your applications filled out before everybody else. Tell your son, daughter, or even yourself to get off the couch and apply before all the jobs fill up for the season.

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Don't let the pool in Buhl be closed this summer. If you feel qualified to be a lifeguard or know someone that is, make sure to send them to the link in the second paragraph above. If you are looking for a summer job doing something else, make sure to click the link in the paragraph above this one. No child should be deprived of a swimming pool in the Magic Valley summer heat, and hopefully, enough people will apply so the children and residents of Buhl can enjoy swimming and splashing this summer.

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