There has been significant snowfall the past week in the Magic Valley. Schools canceled classes last week and many had closures for two days this week, some even more. Wednesday snowfall brought about four inches of snow to add to the snow that had already fallen this past weekend.

School Closures and Delays in the Magic Valley for January 18th

  • Heritage Academy Charter School will have a 2-hour delay. Parents of children who walk or are dropped off at school are reminded that children should not arrive at the school earlier than 9:45 AM.
  • Wendell Schools are canceled.
  • Bliss School are canceled

How Do Schools Decide When to Declare a Snow Day?

School district officials rely on many sources to decide on a cancellation or delay due to weather.  Many districts work with bus companies to ascertain if roads are passable for the buses. They also look not only at current weather conditions but the forecast for later in the school day. Some dedicated employees are known to drive the streets in the early morning to understand road conditions in the early morning hours. Crews that plow the snow as well as police and sheriff departments are sources of road conditions as well.

Road Conditions Cause Delays of More Than Schools in the Magic Valley

PSI found it necessary to halt trash and recycling pickup on both Monday and Wednesday due to poor road conditions. Customers who were supposed to have service on those days will have service resume the following week on their regular day.

The intersection of Addison and Washington is acting as a 4-way stop. A traffic light was damaged in the early morning of Tuesday, January 16th.

This list will be updated whenever new information becomes available.

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