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The world is constantly changing, but no matter how much it changes, some things stay the same. One thing that will never change is the universal symbol of the middle finger. It will always offend people, and it will be used while driving, in arguments, and to get a point across. While there is no stopping people from using this offensive hand gesture, it is safe to say that it is being used far too commonly, and perhaps it is being used too loosely as well, especially by children.

Flipping People Off in Twin Falls

Credit: Zacke Feller on Unsplash
Credit: Zacke Feller on Unsplash

The middle finger has been thrown around loosely and when children begin using it towards adults, it becomes an issue. It is expected to be used when driving, and often you anticipate it after certain maneuvers, but when a child uses it, that is when eyebrows are raised. Recently, I was driving through a parking lot and went by a family that I was nowhere near. They didn't see it that way, and one of the children and the parent decided to both flip me the bird. I typically laugh it off, but I know others that would turn their car around and go back and have an argument. You have to be careful who you flip the finger to and when, especially in today's world and in the Magic Valley where many are carrying and can be hot-tempered. 

When is it OK to Flip the Middle Finger in Twin Falls? 

Credit: Markus Spiske on Unsplash
Credit: Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Why it is best to never use the middle finger towards another person, it is likely to happen a couple of times in life. When is the best time to use it, without potentially getting retaliated against? In Idaho, it is likely never safe, unless you know the individual, but when cut off or your life threatened on the road, it is ok to honk and flip it, but better to keep down if you can. It is acceptable to use towards siblings and family members, but don't be upset if they retaliate in some form or fashion. It is not ok to use it towards coworkers, strangers, or somebody that is currently angry. It is best to keep the finger down when around children, as mentioned above they will follow their parent's actions and begin flipping which have consequences they aren't ready for. When in doubt, keep the finger down. 

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The next time somebody lifts the finger in your direction, laugh it off and let it go. If it is a child though, they may need a stern talking to and somebody to teach them it isn't ok to do. The younger generation already has a lot to deal with, and unfortunately, they are too comfortable flipping the bird without realizing the consequences. Parents need to take the time to teach their children what is and isn't acceptable, as well as make sure to not use the gesture themselves in front of their kids. Thumbs up to middle fingers staying down. 

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