I have a friend who permanently damaged her arm in a rollover and another who ran into a barbed wire fence and nearly decapitated himself while riding ATVs. I had ATVs for my boys and didn’t get them into safety classes. I didn’t know they were needed. Now I do.

There is a warning on all OHV (off-highway vehicle) purchases that may go unheeded. In fact, if you watch a person’s face as they listen to someone talking about it, they look like they are hearing the adults in a ‘Peanuts’ cartoon. Everyone hazes over the safety instructions and moves directly on to playing with their new toy.

Credit Canva/Sheriff's Office
Credit Canva/Sheriff's Office

This year, let’s not forego safety. It’s a state law for operators under the age of 16, but really it’s a good idea for anyone. The 12th Annual Magic Mountain OHV Safety Fair is coming up from June 9th through 11th in the Magic Mountain Parking Lot. A short drive and a quick class will keep things legal, but also help new operators learn good procedures to prevent possibly painful mistakes.

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There will be lunch provided for the course participants and St. Luke’s Children’s will have DOT helmets available, but it is recommended for participants to have their own. Parents or legal guardians must accompany children and an OHV must have a 2023 or 2024 OHV sticker.

Registration for classes is at www.reced.idaho.gov. Rich can answer any questions you may have at (208) 514-2414 or (208) 866-7700.

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