College is supposed to be some of the best years of a person's life. Not everyone goes, but for those that do it is where some of your lifelong friendships begin, where you discover what you want to do for the rest of your life, and perhaps even find your life partner. There is much to enjoy about college, and where you go can play a factor in how much you enjoy or hate it. When it comes to attending college, which town is the best in the country, which is the worst, and how do college towns in Idaho compare?

The Best and Worst College Town in the United States

Credit: leolintang
Credit: leolintang

What city you attend college in, plays a major factor in the experiences you have. Attending a major city will give you more options on what to do on the weekend, whereas a smaller town will keep you more on campus and limit your social pool. WalletHub recently released a list of the best and worst college towns, and ranked them using categories such as, wallet friendliness, social environment, and academic and economic opportunities. Using these criteria, it was determined that Austin, Texas is the best college town, with Ann Arbor, Michigan being second, and Orlando, Florida being third. Out of a possible 415 towns, the worst college town is East Los Angeles, California, with Germantown, Maryland being the second worst, and New Rochelle, New York rounding out the bottom three. 

The Best College Towns in Idaho

College of Southern Idaho
College of Southern Idaho

Idaho is home to a handful of colleges, with some being in small towns, and others being in bigger ones. The biggest town in Idaho, Boise, is near the top of the list, coming in at 12 on the list of best college towns in America. Boise is 172 in wallet friendliness, 73 in social environment, and 55 in academic and economic opportunities. Boise is not the only town on the list from Idaho though, as Rexburg came in at 84, and Moscow came in at 191. Three towns making the top half is a great look for Idaho and should serve as more reason for college students to consider staying in Idaho or coming to Idaho from out of state.

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While most of us are past college in our life, we can think back on the good old days, and remember the times we wish we could go back and have again. The town you attended school in likely played a factor in some of the fond memories you have, and some of the bad ones as well. To check out the full list, make sure to click the link above.

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