For many in this country, California is a dream place to live. Many grow up dreaming of living near the beach, seeing famous people on every corner, and potentially becoming a movie star. Some want to be able to go to Disneyland every day, there are those that want to hike through the Redwood Forest, and others that want to spend afternoons surfing. These are all reasons to live in California. For many, it is a simple thing like having perfect weather all year. While these make California seem like the perfect state, why is it that so many are looking to bail, and leave the Golden State?

Over Half of Californians Are Moving Out

Credit: Gabriele Maltinti
Credit: Gabriele Maltinti

Despite the high population and what many may think, California is not seeing the biggest exit of the states in the United States. According to a recent study on, California isn't even in the top ten states seeing a mass exodus. It is still alarming though that according to the study 54.4 percent of Californians are looking to leave. While the state has plenty to offer, as mentioned above, it does come at a cost. The cost of living is one of the reasons so many are looking to move out and find a cheaper lifestyle, but another major factor is the traffic. Distance-wise might be a short trip, but time-wise can take awhile, and it has taken a toll on residents. 

Moving Out of California

Credit: bluejayphoto
Credit: bluejayphoto

The numbers might be staggering, but ten other states are seeing a higher percentage of others leaving. Many will want to stick it out and see if things improve in California, and some have never lived anywhere else and would prefer to stay in the Golden State. Traffic will likely continue to get worse, things will get more expensive, and more and more will likely begin to look elsewhere to call home. The state is great to visit, but living there isn't the dream that many think it is. 

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To see the full survey, make sure to click the link above. The question for those looking to leave California though, is where will you go? No state offers what the Golden State has, but perhaps another place will have what fits your lifestyle a little better.

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