Product recalls are in place to protect consumers. Specific parts of a vehicle may not operate properly. Child furniture may be found to be unsafe. There may be unsafe paint used on a toy. These recalls help consumers know that there are protections in place.

Some people register their products and are notified of recalls from that customer registration list. When someone buys a new car, they can register through the company. The same process can happen with large appliances, child safety seats, furniture, or electronics. There are times that a registration contact isn’t possible to notify consumers about a recall.

What Kind of Product Recalls Rely on Media and Internet Searches?

Food and medicine are some of the most prominent recalls with no way to contact consumers without media assistance. There have been food recalls for hummus, charcuterie, Quaker products, and frozen corn in Canada. The most recent recall is for Robitussin.

What Robitussin Products Have Been Recalled?

This Robitussin recall affects 2 of their syrups containing honey. The Robitussin Honey CF Max Day and Nighttime Adults products with a certain lot number are being recalled due to possible microbial contamination. Those lot numbers can be found by clicking here.

In immunocompromised individuals, the use of the affected product could potentially result in severe or life-threatening adverse events such as fungemia or disseminated fungal infection. In non-immunocompromised consumers, the population most likely to use the product, life-threatening infections are not likely to occur. However, the occurrence of an infection that may necessitate medical intervention cannot be completely ruled out.

Anyone who has one of these products should discontinue use immediately. At the time of this article, there were no adverse reactions reported. Consumers are encouraged to contact their healthcare provider if they feel they may be experiencing a reaction to the product.

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