Sure, smoking is bad for your health. We get it. There is one redeeming quality smoking has. It can curb the appetite. So, smokers may be damaging to the lungs, throat, skin, and almost every organ, but metabolism is increased, and being hangry isn’t an issue.

Smoking has made social pariahs out of anyone choosing to do so and now the health-conscious cancel culture enthusiasts have a new victim - sitting. Polite society can no longer accept sitting down as an acceptable body position for longer than a ride at an amusement park. Sitting is the new smoking.

Sitting at Work is No Longer Acceptable Behavior

This upright lifestyle seems contrary to the work-from-home environment that is so popular. Getting up, traversing through morning ablutions, and going out of the home for a commute to work presumably requires a fraction of movement. People working from home may simply cross the room, or even work from bed.

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Be aware desk jockeys, they’re coming for your home office next. The luxury of gazing out the window into the middle distance wearing a dress shirt and pajama bottoms is in jeopardy. That sedentary work and home lifestyle is no longer acceptable.

What Kind of Exercise is Required to Offset a Desk Job?

Your doctor may look at your health stats with ‘that look’ on your next visit. Your children could be coming home from school berating you about how unhealthy your job and home life are after they learned something in gym class. Spouses might be setting up gym memberships under the disguise of ‘getting out and doing something’ couple’s activities.

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The fitness gurus responsible for ruining sitting down happiness have decreed how much intense physical activity is required to prevent your work and home-sitting lifestyle from leading you to an early demise. How you position your body at work defines how you spend your time after work. There is no more sitting on the couch after a long day at work sitting on a chair.

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Maybe get a treadmill attached to your desk that powers the electronic devices you use. If you stop walking, the power turns off. Look, you’ve created a new work-at-home health craze.

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