The weather over the last week has been crazy. There have been strong winds, snow, and cold temperatures. Many schools in the area have been closed for multiple days to keep the children at home safe, and due to buses not being able to get out on the road conditions. It isn't uncommon to see a few snow days around this time of year in the Magic Valley. Families that have been raised here are used to snow days in the winter time, as the roads get bad and the snow can at times get so deep that you can barely walk in it. While keeping children home due to bad weather is a good call, snow days shouldn't exist anymore in Idaho and should become a thing of the past.

No More Snow Days in Idaho

Credit: Ryan McVay
Credit: Ryan McVay

Before anyone freaks out, children being safe is the most important factor, and their lives should not be at risk. That is why they should stay home, but instead of enjoying a day sleeping in, building snowmen, and playing video games, students should do online classes, instead of a traditional snow day. We learned a few years ago when things shut down that it is possible to have a full school week online, so why not have students stay home and have class the same way, instead of losing a day of learning? 

Snow Days in Idaho

Credit: Astrid860
Credit: Astrid860

While children would not be happy with this change, parents would enjoy it significantly. Instead of their children getting cabin fever or wasting their time doing other things, they would have more structure and it would allow parents to be more productive as well, if they have to work from home or have things to do around the house. It will benefit the kids at the end of the school year when they get out for the summer a day or a few earlier than having to make up the days lost to snow. Why more schools don't do this instead of allowing snow days is a little baffling. 

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There is a strong possibility that schools could explore going this route in the future, and in time snow days might be a thing of the past. If schools can make it work, as we've seen, why not eliminate snow days altogether?

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