This world is full of selfish people, and despite how hard you glare at them, yell at them, or bring this to their attention they will continue to do selfish acts, and not care who they are upsetting. It is disturbing how many of these people live in the world, and a few even live in the Magic Valley. There are certain acts that people shouldn't do, and many of them have been on display lately in the area. Don't be a jerk and do what some of these selfish people in the area are doing, and avoid doing these acts the next time you are out.

Selfish Acts in the Magic Valley

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This past weekend there was a handful of selfish acts that would make anyone shake their head in disgust. There are people in the Magic Valley that seem to think the rules don't apply to them, that they are better than everyone, and that nobody else matters. It is sickening to see these individuals and families continue to go out and treat the world like their playground, instead of being courteous to others and aware of their surroundings. In case you haven't realized it, there are others in this town and you are not alone. What are these acts and what should you avoid doing to end up being selfish like them? 

Don't Do This In the Magic Valley

Credit: Daisy-Daisy
Credit: Daisy-Daisy

There are plenty of things to avoid doing in the Magic Valley, but below is a list of things that took place over the weekend, and are things you should not do if you want to avoid being a jerk. 

  • Don't park in handicapped spots if you are not handicapped. 
  • Do not sit or park in fire lanes or on sidewalks in front of stores. 
  • Do not take handicapped carts, scooters, or specialty carts if you do not NEED them. 
  • Don't throw trash on the ground, when a trash can is nearby. 
  • Do not cut people off without a blinker. 
  • Do not text and drive. 
  • Do not go well below the speed limit, and get mad if someone honks at you. 
  • Do not take up a whole row at a grocery store, blocking people from getting down the aisle. 

These are just a few examples, with much more that could be added. The behavior of some residents this past weekend was mind-boggling and not respectful to those around them. Please do not do these. 

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No matter how hard we try to convince the people that do these things to not do them anymore, it won't matter. No matter how often you see these acts, they will continue to make you shake your head and keep trying to tell them it is wrong. They likely won't care, but the hope is over time they will see the errors of their way. Don't do these and let's try to make the people in the Magic Valley a little less like jerks.

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