The new year is now over a month in, but it has been a crazy time already in Idaho, especially when it comes to the weather. There have been days nearing the 60's, there have been gusts of wind strong enough to pick up your trampoline, and there has been snow high enough to create walls on both sides of your driveway. It has been just another winter month in Idaho. With how much snow came through last month though, many took advantage of it and decided to have a little fun and make some creative things out of ice and snow. While it is not known if all the pictures below are from Idaho, they do indicate what can be done if you take the time and want to have a little fun.

Dinosaur Made of Snow in Idaho

Typically when a car is covered in snow, it is dreadful to try and get all the snow off the car to be able to move the car. In the case above, somebody decided to turn this task into some fun and incredible snow art. Hopefully, the person didn't need to move their car anytime soon, cause it would ruin an epic snow creation.

Haunted Snow Fields in Idaho

This one is unique, terrifying, and awesome at the same time. Imagine seeing this at night. What would go through your head? Your kids would likely be spooked, and it might be best to run away. I love that the meme above gives directions on how they did it. The next time a snowstorm comes through Idaho, this will be my front yard.

Snow Sharks in Idaho

This one is pretty good. What lies beneath the snow? It makes you fear going out into the unknown snowy yard. This one seems more simple than the others, but still as creative. It would likely take the right kind of snow to pull off properly though.

Car Frozen to Tree in Idaho

Assuming the picture above is snow, and not a real frozen cat to a tree, this is one of the better snow creations I have seen. To not knock the snow off the tree and to be able to get it to look like a cat is pretty impressive. Many of us may attempt this after the next snowstorm, but how many can successfully recreate that? This creation gets two paws up.

Snowman Eats Kid

If you want to mess with the neighborhood kids and have a little fun in the snow, build a snowman like normal. It is a tradition and who doesn't enjoy making a snowman? Instead of adding the usual things though, why not throw in a pair of pants and shoes coming out of his mouth to let the neighborhood know, your snowman isn't friendly.

Launching Cars into Snow in Idaho

This one isn't someone making something out of snow as much as it is impressive that someone was able to get their car to the top of that pile. It tells you how thick and deep the snow was, but also how little someone was paying attention. Do not try to recreate this one, but take pictures if you see someone that does.

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With the snow from January all but gone, minus a few spots here and there, we will all have to wait until the next snowstorm to see what other creative things people make out of snow. Enjoy these, and try to see if you can top them next storm.

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