When it comes to working in Idaho, there are some incredibly tough jobs that not everyone can do. You think of farmers, construction workers, factory workers, road crews, police officers, and much more. Certain jobs aren't for everyone, and finding a career and job that works for you is important to enjoying life. You should enjoy waking up and going to work, instead of dreading it. Some jobs are hard due to the physical demands, and others are tough due to long hours and the stress that they can take on a person mentally. Some jobs involve being good at math, while others require their employees to be in better physical shape to do what the job requires. Every job has pros and cons, but when it comes to the worst job in Idaho, there is one that stands out, and many agree it is a job that they wouldn't want.

The Worst Job to Have in Idaho

Credit: George Doyle
Credit: George Doyle

While most may think the worst job in Idaho will have to do with being in a field, a factory, or something physically demanding, it is a job that many comment on and notice daily. The worst job in Idaho is none other than being a meteorologist. What makes it so tough? Can you predict what Idaho weather is going to do? Does Idaho weather even know what it is going to do? Mother Nature can switch on a dime in Idaho, making it tough to predict for even the best meteorologists. The job is also public. Everyone sees your work, and many critique your work unless you can predict the weather perfectly every day. One degree off on the temperature or one mile per hour off on the wind, and the community will say you were wrong. There is pressure to be as accurate as possible, and with everyone watching, the pressure mounts during big storms. It isn't easy, and it takes a special person to do this job in the Gem State. 

Being a Meteorologist in Idaho

Credit: Vera_Petrunina
Credit: Vera_Petrunina

Despite all the criticism, meteorologists are more accurate than the public gives them credit for. They are typically within five degrees of the temperature. With Idaho being the way it is, that is about as accurate as anyone could be. They typically communicate with others in the region to double and triple-check their reports, making sure that they are as accurate as can be. One part that does make the job tough, that many don't think about, is anytime a flood, a tornado, an avalanche, a snowstorm, or anything weather-related costs people their lives, it sticks with them and they take it personally. I recently spoke with a meteorologist in Idaho, who said he has had a couple of instances bother him for years and has thought about what he could have done differently, which is a part of the job nobody would want to deal with. Their job requires them to be precise and to help their communities stay as safe as possible when it comes to severe weather. 

If you look at the picture above, you will see KMVT's Eric Brill mention how it can be tough to not exaggerate too much but to do so enough to get the attention of the viewers and listeners. It is a fine line on how to present any weather report, but this past weekend they did a fantastic job preparing the Magic Valley for the storm. If people choose not to listen, that is not on the local meteorologists.

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The next time you complain about your job and think you have it rough, think of the pressure these men and women are under. I know there are jokes that they get paid to be wrong, but in reality, they are right most of the time. Thank you to the men and women who warned the Magic Valley of the most recent storm, and we continue to look to you for any future ones. No pressure.

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