There is an expectation when you buy a car that it will be worth its purchase price. New or used, nobody wants to feel that vehicle expenditure was money was poorly invested. How reliable is the car sitting in your driveway?

Consumer Reports released its ranking of the most and least reliable makes and models. More than 300,000 car owners were surveyed about their car’s reliability. Business Insider is telling us something Idaho may not want to hear. Is your car on the least-reliable list?

10 Least Reliable Cars You Can Buy

  • #10 - Dodge - Even with a decent score on the road test, the survey says the Durango is a no-go for reliability.
  • #9 - Ford - After testing, the F-150 Hybrid had owners troubled with transmission, electronics, and the battery.
  • #8 - Lincoln - The Corsair did not leave people on the survey happy.
  • #7 - GMC - While Terrain and large Sierra models were acceptable, the Canyon, Yukon, Sierra 1500 and Yukon XL made poor marks.
  • #6 - Volvo - the Plug-in XC60 did not impress anyone on the survey.
  • #5 - Jeep - Wrangler and Grand Cherokee brought down the score for Jeep while Compass and Gladiator scored better.
  • #4 - Volkswagen - While fun to drive, the Jetta wasn’t good for reliability. The Taos helped bring down the score as well.
  • #3 - Rivian - A startup that may have more than rough edges to work out. The RIT had issues with climate controls, leaks, the drive system, and body hardware.
  • #2 - Mercedes-Benz - the C-class compact electric car was found to have a nice interior, but that doesn’t make it reliable.
  • #1 - Chrysler - The Pacifica Minivan takes the trophy for its maker with the lowest score because of issues with in-car electronics, electric motor, battery, and charging system.
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Idaho has over 1505 registered vehicles per every 1000 licensed drivers. That’s 1.5 cars for every licensed driver. Chances are some of these unreliable cars are out on the road right now. But chances are they’ll be in the shop soon.

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