The Twin Falls City Pool is set to welcome back visitors on Wednesday, March 27, after a temporary closure for enhancements. The pool will operate with modified hours for the remaining days of March before resuming its regular schedule starting Monday, April 1.


Major Enhancements for Improved Safety and Experience

During its closure, the pool underwent several key upgrades aimed at enhancing safety, visual appeal, and overall visitor experience. Among the notable improvements are:

  • Safer and More Appealing Deck: The pool deck has been recoated with a new grip material to prevent slips and falls, significantly improving safety for all visitors. Additionally, a fresh stain has been applied to the deck, enhancing the pool's visual appeal.
  • Upgraded Pump and Plumbing: The installation of a new pump and pump control system, along with the reconfiguration of the old pool plumbing, promises improved water circulation. These changes are expected to provide a better swimming experience by ensuring cleaner and clearer water.
  • Expanded Lap Lanes: Swimmers will now find three new 20-yard lap lanes on the shallow side of the pool. These lanes are fully equipped with proper lane markings, lane lines, and backstroke flags, catering to the needs of lap swimmers and providing an improved training environment.

Registration Open for Summer Programs and Memberships

In addition to these physical upgrades, the Twin Falls City Pool is also launching registration for its summer programs and offering summer memberships for purchase. This initiative aims to provide a diverse range of activities and opportunities for community members to engage in healthy, recreational swimming throughout the summer months. For more details on the modified March hours, as well as information on how to register for programs or purchase memberships, visitors are encouraged to check the official Twin Falls City Pool website at

Twin Falls City Pool Hiring for Lifeguards + Swim Instructors

In addition to its recent enhancements and the announcement of summer programs, the Twin Falls City Pool is also looking to expand its team by hiring lifeguards and swim instructors for the upcoming spring and summer seasons. Interested applicants are encouraged to visit the Twin Falls City Pool website at for more information on job descriptions, qualifications, and how to apply.

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