We are always learning new things. Scientific discoveries often result in big changes in our everyday lives. It’s great when it helps humanity, but sometimes, ignorance is bliss.

What Items We Thought Were Good Are Actually Bad

There is constant rigorous product testing. Materials are checked for toxicity. Toys are rated for their safety by age. Safety is important, but it can be a buzz kill.

sugary breakfast cereal
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Nutritionists will tell you cereal is not a necessary part of your balanced breakfast. Many cereals are more dessert than meal.

trampolines are bad
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Trampolines are the bane to a pediatrician’s existence. While they are part of many happy childhood memories, they are contributors to many ER visits.

backpack too heavy
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Backpacks help kids convey homework, lunch, and projects to and from school. Somebody decided that overloaded backpacks caused too many posture problems, so now we get to carry, drop, and scatter all our loose items as they fall out of our arms.

What Are Scientists Taking Away Next?

Now, we must live our lives pock-marked and pimply. Scientists are focused on one of the main ingredients in many acne treatment products. It would seem benzoyl peroxide produces benzene in the right conditions.

In extreme cases, the FDA will allow up to 2 parts per million of benzene inside a drug product that the FDA regulates. However, the tests show that benzene inside the benzoyl peroxide products is more than 800 times that when stored at 122 degrees, and up to nine times that when the products are sitting on the shelf.

Safety cancel culture strikes again. Lawn darts, hairspray, tanning beds, styrofoam, and straws have all fallen to ‘beneficial’ safety studies. When will it end?

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